Friday, May 25, 2012

Moving on with one thing

A difficult subject that I feel I have to explain. I do not want to repeat myself to everyone, so I will just write it once here. In 2004 I enrolled in "PhD studies" in computer science at Warsaw University. It turned out that the Institute of Informatics not only has zero didactic offer for people like me, but over all these years I did not manage to convince the university that what I do is worth any funding or any other kind of support. So I was close to this decision every year. I do not keep in touch with those people since long time, so this is rather stating the obvious - I do not want to have a PhD from that place.

The whole situation is odd, because my publication, with over 170 citations, is the most cited on the whole faculty since 2007. My understanding of all that, is that my presence bothered much those various eternal beneficiaries of the system. Maybe it's I am too stubborn, and in such places more welcome are people who bow their heads low. Well, this is how the system works and nothing can be done about it.