Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5000 best things

It's time to sum up my growing website - lists of 5000 best things. It started as a simple, searchable list of 5000 movies. The response was enthusiastic (hacker news front page, wykop front page and an article in Gigazine retweeted about 1000 times), so I decided to put extra work into it and explore the opportunity. So far I created four lists: movies, books, websites and videos.

The movies part is the most advanced, with instant search, filtering by 13 genres, film/TV series or by year, links to IMDb, Wikipedia, Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix, etc., 54 different rankings of the 5000 movies, and additionally, one personalized ranking calculated by a recommendation engine (just like in my all previously written recommendation engines, a new ranking is calculated and displayed immediately at the moment of rating a movie). 5000 best websites are divided into 24 categories, and 5000 best videos into 35 categories.

What to do next? All suggestions are welcome. Create more lists or extend the existing ones? Or put some serious effort into marketing? People tell me that I don't advertise the website.

I got 9k visits from stumbleupon in the last weeks to websites/Porn. Makes me think - should I listen to the market?

The blog was renamed to "What I Do", because this is what this blog ultimately became - news about my projects for anyone interested. I stole the subtitle from Remi Gaillard. I am thinking about starting another, more technical blog on programming, machine learning, the Internet and business (I know nothing about business), but who would read that. It kind of does not make sense to write into the void. And another blog about life and everything (I know nothing about life, but I don't think it matters).